July 29, 2003

This is my third attempt to start a web log. The first was so boring and irrelevant that even I had a hard time reading it. The second was too angry - my friend Lars even suggested it was a bad idea to write nasty things on the internet. Then my mother called and asked if everything was okay, so that did it. I'm starting over again. This time I think I know the answer to being a successful blogger. Instead of writing things that can't possibly matter, I'm going to create a photo blog. This will be my personal web diary spoken through the lens of my digital camera. Pictures are way more interesting than opinions and rants. If you think you have a good photo that could be added to my blog, please send me an e-mail and I'll put it up.

Here's my brother-in-law Justin (JB) Bradford and my good friend from work, Jay Griep. This picture was taken on the 4th of July.