A Beautiful Mind

I really liked this movie for several reasons. It had great acting by a terrific cast and an original story with an awesome rush of an ending. And it was about a mathematician, of which there are several in my family.

I think it gets harder and harder to surprise an audience in the way Sixth Sense and others have done in the past. It takes careful attention to detail and complete consistency. Going back and watching a second time is as much fun as the first for movies like A Beautiful Mind.

It's hard to argue against a movie like this, but I did think the Best Picture award was not necessarily appropriate. Those awards seem to be more political than anything. Trouble is, I can't come right out and say which movie deserved it more. I suppose I should see them all first. It's just that based on the quality of past Best Picture award winners, I don't think this was as epic or awe inspiring.

Still, Russell Crowe proved himself to be in a class of the best actors of all time.